Sciatica, Herniated Discs, & Pinched Nerves

A herniated disc is when the disc (a cushion-like structure between two vertebrae) has a small tear that creates a bulge outside its normal radius in the spine. Many times, people might not even know they have a bulging disc until it becomes severe enough that it pushes on the spinal cord or nearby spinal nerves causing significant pain.

Symptoms include arm and leg pain, numbness in the toes or fingers, and tightness or pain in the spine.

Our treatment for herniated discs include disc decompression, a therapy that stretches the spine and alleviates pressure on the discs and nerves; cold-laser, adjustments, and rehab exercises.

We have worked alongside many surgeons and pain management specialists in these cases, and are very familiar with the capabilities of what chiropractic care can offer. Many times we can offer treatment that can even compliment these other options to ensure a well-rounded approach is taken.

spinal decompression