Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

One of our specialties at City Point Chiropractic is care through motherhood. We are all Webster-Certified chiropractors through the ICPA, which involves specific training in the alignment and health of the pelvis. The Webster Technique is a process including:

  • the adjustment of the sacrum, to improve mobility in the pelvis
  • releasing tension in the piriformis muscle
  • releasing tension in the sacrotuberous ligament, which can help relax the pevlic floor muscle group
  • the adjustment of the pubic bone, which can relieve sharp, shooting pains
  • releasing tension in the psoas muscle, which can ease lower back pain
  • releasing tension in the round ligament, which allows optimal pelvic positioning

The Webster Technique can help keep you feeling more comfortable during your pregnancy, and help prepare your pelvis and body to be in an ideal state to give birth to your baby, as well as support your pelvic health in your postpartum period.

Our providers utilize many other chiropractic techniques and craniosacral therapies to care for you in pregnancy and postpartum.